Management Team

Dr. Kathleen Kagawa is the CEO and President of Hawaii 5-0 Technology Services, Inc. She has a doctorate in International Business and Business Law and is a native of Hawaii.  Having traveled extensively in Asia, Europe and the mainland United States for over ten years, Dr. Kagawa returned to Hawaii with a vast network of associations throughout the world.  She began Hawaii 5-0 Technology Services in Hawaii in 2002 to meet a critical Department of Defense (DoD) program requirement for dedicated technical, engineering and training support. 

Dr. Kagawa is responsible for sculpturing the vision of the company and is involved in the hiring of key personnel, marketing, public relations, government and community affairs, implementation of key contracts and reporting to the Board of Directors of its not-for-profit parent organization, the Menehune Foundation.


Ms. Sandra Ishikawa is the Secretary/Treasurer of Hawaii 5-0 Technology Services, Inc.
She was born and raised in Hawaii and is a graduate of the University of Hawaii.  Ms. Ishikawa joined Hawaii 5-0 Technology Services in 2002.

Ms. Ishikawa is presently responsible for finance & accounting, human resources and the day-to-day operations of the corporation.  She brings with her an extensive background in administrative services.