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Menehune Heritage


Vision Statement: To create a borderless world, preserve the environment and use technology for the good of mankind.

About the Menehune Foundation
The Menehune foundation is a not-for-profit public corporation chartered and incorporated in the State of Hawai`i in July, 2005.  The Menehune Foundation was created to raise environmental awareness, and to teach values and life skills children will need to make better choices in becoming responsible citizens of the world.  This will be accomplished by educating and promoting the economic and social development interests of the Native Hawaiian Community through financial and literary education, science and technology, and business development activities. 

The Menehune Foundation will ultimately help children and their families become economically self sufficient.  This will be accomplished through proven financial literacy curriculum.  Funding will be used to create television programs, learning DVD’s, video games, workbooks, a supportive and interactive website, and other multimedia channels popular in Hawaiian culture.

This foundation will be getting their funding through Hawaii 5-0 Technology Services, Inc., a native Hawaiian organization owned 8(a) corporation, along with donations, and grants.

History of the Menehune- “Menehune Magic”
Menehune are legendary beings documented in the history of Hawaii.  They are known as the “lucky little people” of Hawaii for anyone fortunate enough to see them, but are also known for their mischievous behavior and often blamed for the mysterious things that happen at home or in the neighborhood.  Though unaware to many, the Menehune are also known as the Messengers of Science and Technology.  Historically, they are credited with building fishponds and waterways for the people of Hawaii, teaching Hawaiians how to preserve nature and live in harmony with their environment.  Clues that the Menehune actually existed are still found throughout the islands of Hawaii.  Legends say that the Menehune should never be seen by humans and therefore they do all their work and mischief at night when everyone else is asleep.